Every summer, we get more phone calls for family reunion portraits. This year has been no exception. The week of the fourth of July was filled with family portrait sessions for us because families had traveled to Durango for the holiday and needed portraits taken while they were all here. We had a blast! I get to meet so many wonderful people, whom otherwise, I would never have the chance to get to know. This blog post incorporates a portrait from each family session so you can meet a few of the families I got to meet, all in one place.

This first image is of a smaller portion of the larger family group that got together for the holiday at their cabin at Vallecito. It was a beautiful afternoon up there and the clouds came into place over the sun just in time for our portrait session. These three; mother, father, and son, got to go first and they were just adorable. I love the expressions on all of them as their beautiful boy gives mom and dad a hug. This family was a lot of fun to photograph and we even added their dog and cat (yes, I said cat) to their entire family portrait. A lot of pets really are part of the family, so it was fun to incorporate even the cat!

The second image is of the Hagar Family. I know Lee and Rick (the grandparents) from the Durango Photography club and really, really enjoy them. I was so honored to photograph their family when they all came to town. They had spent a week camping at Vallecito for the 4th and we photographed their session on the 7th – a beautiful overcast morning. They seemed to still really be enjoying each other, even after all that time together – which makes me smile. I love spending time with my family, so I really appreciate other people who do as well.This is one of the last images we got and I love the group hug feel of the pose. The background isn’t too bad either.

The third image is the McMurtrey Family. Sheri, the beautiful grandmother you see here, called me to book her session because her kids were all coming to town for the 4th. We actually photographed the session on the morning of the 4th because some of them didn’t get in until the early hours of the morning and some were leaving the next day. Sheri has a beautiful home in Bayfield and they had just moved in about a month ago – from Texas. My parents are from Texas and I live in Bayfield, so I felt we had a lot in common before we even talked about anything else. They were so pleasant to photograph and work with, even early in the morning and with all those adorable kids! I love this image because of al the personality in it.durango family reunion photographer

durango family reunion portrait at baker's bridgefamily reunion picture of grandparents and grand babies