We have been given the honor of photographing Durango High School’s prom again this year and we are so excited! The theme is Alice in Wonderland, which should be so fun for portraits! The student council junior students, the Class of 2011, put on prom for the senior class. So, we got together the student council members of the Class of 2011 for a mini prom session on Saturday. It was a blast – you guys are so fun! We started in the studio, hoping it would warm up a little outside since all the girls were in dresses, then we headed out into the wind. We had a lot of fun blowing the girls’ hair around with a box fan, walking arm in arm through gravel in heels, and jumping in heels! You are a talented group! I have to mention that Alex, the only male junior student council member, had on some really cool shoes as well. Watch for those in the slideshow! Hope you love these – I do!