As some of you know, we (my “assistants” and I) photographed pets and their families during the Adoptathon May 17th for a $20.00 donation to the animal shelter. We raised $200.00 for the shelter (the shelter collected the money, we never touched it) and I hope next year we can raise a lot more! I am hoping for hundreds of people to show up and to be able to raise thousands! Thank you so very, very much to the people who participated this year! And thank you to my assistants, Kara and Angela, two Durango High School students, who donated their Saturday for this cause! And of course, thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Animal Shelter!

Coming up this fall, we will be participating in Family Portrait Month (october), which means we will be donating your session fees to Operation Smile, all month long. Last year the studio sent $300.00 to Operation Smile and I would love to be able to give at least double that for 2008! Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a family portrait session and/or if you would like to donate to Operation Smile. I look forward to hearing from you!