Big Sur: Portraits and my 1st marathon!

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This past weekend was amazing! My dad, my cousin Liz, and I ran the 25th Anniversary of the Big Sur Marathon, which was amazing by itself. However, the rest of my family (my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, and my husband, Matt) and my cousin’s family (my dad’s sister and her family , including the most adorable addition to the family, 3 month old Preston (Cinco)) were able to join us and we had a great vacation together! We stayed in Monterey and got to spend time there and all the beautiful surrounding towns and beaches – I love this part of California! We took family portraits and as always, there was adventure involved. Did I ever mention the senior who dubbed sessions with me; “Adventures with Allison”? Well, this was no exception. I was in the middle of posing my cousin John William, his beautiful wife and their adorable baby boy, right next to the ocean of course, when a huge wave came crashing in on us! Matt started yelling “big wave” and we looked up just in time to make a run for it! We got a little wet, with no other casualties, so overall, it was a success. As you can see, we got some really beautiful portraits!

The next day, we (my dad, cousin, and I) got up at 3 AM to get on the bus for our marathon and 9 hours later I crossed the finish line (we didn’t start running until 7 am – so yes, it took me 5 hours!). It was an absolutely beautiful run – along Hwy 1 from Big Sur to Carmel -and it was also mostly uphill! I love this picture Matt took after I finished – you can tell exactly how I felt by the look on my face – not the most flattering portrait, but it speaks to me! The girl in green is my cousin and the guy in grey is my dad.

Then we drove the race course so we could show everyone else how beautiful it was (after we showered, of course). Matt took the most beautiful portraits of the coast and this waterfall dropping into the ocean. I love Colorado and can’t imagine living anyhwere else, but if I had to go somewhere else, it would be around Monterey, CA! I hope you love these images from our weekend!